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The Tantra of Bhairava and Bhairavi – Download

The Tantra of Bhairava and Bhairava is a translation from the original Sankrit of the Ruudrayamala Tantra, also called Shri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. It is a song of the discourse between Shiva in Shakti in their powered up state, called Bhairava and Bhairavi, or Rudra and Kali. This book includes the original Sanskrit, transliteration, and translation by Gavin Shri Amneon from a perspective that adds western mystery school interpretations to the Indian Tantric perspective. It contains the 112 meditations which are the most ancient published known core knowledge to Tantra, transcendental meditation (dhyaana) and yoga practice. besides being an absolute wellspring of ancient transformational philosophy. It is also a beautiful 4000 year old poetic song between the God and Goddess.

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