Omnisutra Sufi Prayer – CD




Omnisutra Sufi Prayer – CD

Omnisutra Sufi Prayer The Dawr al-a’laa – The Most Elevated Cycle, also called Hizb al-wiqaaya – The Prayer of protection.

The forth Omnisutra album sung by Gavin Shri Amneon with Travis Jekks Taylor on Persian Tar, is a 900 year old Sufi prayer written by the eminent master Sufi Ibn Al’Arabi, a contemporary of Rumi, and one of the most achieved scholastic Sufis in Islamic history. He lived 1164-1240 and was known as a spiritual master par excellence. He also studied the Kabbalah, and this particular prayer has one verse for every path of the Tree of Life (Etz HaChaim) and one to unite them all in God’s mercy and compassion. This prayer was designed to produce spiritually elevated states, and to protect the mystic in that state within an elevated circle, as it the practice in mystical ritual, dispelling all evil invoking divine love.

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