Omnisutra Book of the Dead – CD




Omnisutra Book of the Dead – CD

Invocations from the Egyptian Book of the Dead in the original language of the Pharaohs. Adorations of the Sun God Ra, the God of the Underworld Osiris, the Goddess of birth and spells Isis, and the reborn perfected God Horus.
Experience a mystical journey of ancient devotional music, Vocals by Gavin Shri Amneon and Clare Sentience, and Travis Jekks Taylor on the Persian Tar. Mixed and mastered by Ben Last in Bali and Australia. This song is over 4000 years old and was sung in the chambers of the great pyramids as an initiation for priests and Pharaohs.
The Egyptian Book of the Dead was sung over the bodies of souls after mummification, but was also used as a guide for living, and surviving the pitfalls in life.


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