Omnisutra Runesong




Omnisutra Runesong

This album is dedicated to two of my ancestral lines, Old Norse and Celtic Gaelic, from some of the oldest pieces of magical literature in the history of both languages.

Track 1:  GrogaldR

Sung from the Edda’s in ancient Norse by Gavin Shri Amneon, a scholar and performer of ancient Holy songs in their original languages. It sings about a Viking warrior who conjures an ancient Goddess Volva from the earth to bless him. She emerges and castes her spells of protection and blessing over him. This track contains traditional Viking instruments in a Norse folk style of singing.

duration: 24minutes 19 seconds


Track 2: Song of Amergin – is the oldest Celtic Gaelic song in existence, that was sung by a Druid bard as he sailed for Ireland to conquer the old inhabitants called the Tuatha De Danann. It is a spell, a calling, an invocation, a conjuring of the powers of nature. Sung here in Old Irish Gaelic by Gavin Shri Amneon. This composition was influence by both Irish and Scottish Gaelic and includes instruments from the folk traditions.

duration : 30 minutes



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