Omnisutra Opus – The complete collection of Gavin Shri Amneon




Omnisutra Opus

The Complete Omnisutra works by Gavin Shri Amneon, all 9 Albums…

Omnisutra – Bhairava Tantra, Etz hacHaim, Shri Saundarya Lahari Tantra.

Omnisutra Ancient Egypt – From the Egyptian Book of the Dead, adorations to Ra, Osiris, Isis and Horus

Omnisutra Sumeria – The Enuma Elish and the Raising of the Hand to Ishtar.

Omnisutra Sufi Prayer – The Dawr al-Alaa, a protective prayer for Sufis written by Ibn Al Arabi in Arabic.

Omnisutra Sephir Yetzirah – The oldest book on the Holy Kabbalah, chapter 1 sung in ancient Hebrew

Omnisutra Megas Hellas – Hesiod’s Theogony, the creation of the Gods and Muses in ancient Greek

Omnistra Soma Mandala – Sankrit verses to the God and drink of ecstasy from the Rig Veda

Omnisutra Ethiopia – The Book of Enoch from the Ethiopian Bible sung in Ge’ez.

Omnisutra Japan – The Nihon Shoki, Shinto creation of the Gods and Islands of japan, Sung in ancient Japanese

Onnisutra Heakate – Invocations of the Goddess Hakate and all her epithets, Maiden Mother and Crone, Sung in ancient Greek.

Omnisutra Shri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra – The complete Tantra all 163 verses in Sanskrit.

Omnisutra Amitabha – The Shurangama Mantra, from the earliest Buddhist sutra in Sanskrit

Omnisutra Genesis – Beresheeth – Genesis chapter one in ancient Hebrew


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