Omnisutra Private Ceremony

OMNISUTRA Private Ceremony.

Omnisutra is for hire for private groups, Yoga centres, and as compliments to workshops and retreats. Omnsisutra is an experience, meditation to mystical music and song. These songs are ancient Holy sutras, sung in their original language, with traditional music from the region. These mystical invocations bring deep sublime states of peace and soul deepening experiences which may include visions and profound realisations. A potent form of sound healing and personal transformation may be achived.

Omnisutra offers a variety of mystical invocations:


The original Sumerian creation account in the original language, performed in their pyramid complexes, about the creation of the solar system and humanity. The sutra comprises of the 'Enuma Elish' and 'The Raising of the Hand to Ishtar,' the oldest goddess invocation recorded in written text in human history! Vocals, Daf drum, drone and Tar.

Ancient Egyptian:

Invocations from the 'Egyptian Book of the Dead.' The song follows the cycle of the sun as a metaphor for the soul's transformation. Invocations of the Sun God Ra, Osiris - the God of the underworld, Isis who gives birth to the Sun at dawn, and Horus - the reborn perfected being! Vocals, drone, Daf drum and Tar.


Invocations in ancient Hebrew, the creation of the universe from nothing called 'Beresheeth.' Vocals, drone, Daf drum and Tar.


Sanskrit songs of transcendence and immanence, flow from the oldest Tantric text in existence, the Bhairava Tantra. A conversation between Shiva and Shakti, on tantric techniques that constitute their Holy union. Vocals, tanpura drone, Shubahar sitar and rhythm.

Sufi Prayer:

A 900 year old Arabic prayer for spiritual elevation and protection, written by the great venerated Sufi Ibn Al'Arabi. Vocals, Tar, drone and Daf drum.

Japanese creation story:

The Nihon Shoki sung in ancient Japanese is the story of how the Japanese Gods create the Islands of Japan, and the actions of the Sun Goddess and Storm God. Vocals, Shamisen, drone, percussion.

To listen to the different ceremonial invocations please go to the CD section on this site to listen to samples...

To book Omnisutra for your group, yoga centre or retreat please contact me directly.


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