Kabbalah – the complete kit!

For the aspiring mystic this kit is the best way to immerse yourself in the Kabbalah.

It includes:

Poster (entire Tree of life with Sepher yetzirah and all teh wisdom of the paths)  – The Tarot of the Holy Kabbalah (outlining Hebrew and Hermetic Kabbalah strains, perfect for learning, meditation and divination) – CD Omnisutra (with invocations of the Tree of Life in ancient Hebrew) – Books: “The Soul’s Path to Illumination” (the outlining beginners book to Kabbalah) – Hermetic Merkavah Vol I and II (advanced Kabbalah reading – partufim, Merkavah and hekhaloth mysticism, detailed path working) – Three practical books on talismanic magic, The Nephesh, Ruach and the Supernal (which outlines all the paths on the tree as practical exercises)



Price: $270.00

Shipping: $40.00

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