The Apocalypse of Amneon

Apocalypse book cover 2The Apocalypse of Amneon

This book is not for the faint of heart. It is designed

to shock one into the reality of the current world crisis,

and to show the path of redemption through the devastation.

It is written in the old manner of a traditional

Scriptural Apocalypse. This work of occult literature

shows the layers of heaven and hell superimposed

over the events occurring in the world today. It is

ordered through the archetypes of the Sephiroth, the

layers of the divine being according to the

Holy Kabbalah, and the angels and demons

that influence the character and souls of humanity.

This descriptive work of the horrors innate within this

era of global devastation is a wake up call

for the soul of humanity to change, and to follow the path of

rectification. It is also a vision of the bliss and peace

to come, and a method by which we may over come

the evils about us and find the strength and clarity

to repair ourselves and this world, before all is lost.

A modern piece of occult Gnosis.



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