Omnisutra – Book of the Dead at Melbourne Steiner School




Omnisutra – Book of the Dead

Please join us for a meditative but rhythmic journey into ancient Egypt. This hour long sung recital is from the Egyptian Book of the Dead in the original language. This recital is an invocation of the sun god Ra, Osiris the God of the Underworld, Isis the Goddess of the dawn and birth, and Horus the reborn perfected deity. Sung by Gavin Shr Amneon, with Will Thompson on Oud and Nicole Dawson on Shruti Box.

Date: Sunday the 28th of April
Time: Arrive for a 4pm start.

Place: Movement room at :

The Michael Centre
37A Wellington Park Drive
Warranwood, Vic, 3134

Cost: Presale – $30,  door price, $35, $25 concession



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