Mens Tantric Yoga and Massage two Day Workshop



Tantric Yoga and Massage two Day Workshop

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Men’s Tantric Workshop with Gavin Shri Amneon.
Please join us in a genuinely held creative space to explore the many layers and dimension of male sensuality connected to spirituality, in a two day workshop.

You are hereby invited to a weekend Tantric workshop with Gavin Shri Amneon in
Place: Plenty, Victoria
Date: February Saturday23rd from 12.30 to 5pm and Sunday 24th from 12.30 to 6 pm.
Cost: $500
Accommodation: there re bed and breakfast fascilities in the venue, for more information please ask..
Option 1:
Linen, bath towels and continental breakfast supplied.
$120-00 for King Size Bed room per night (x2 rooms available).
One of our rooms has 2 options.
$100-00 for Double Bed room per night (x1 room)
$150-00 for Super King room per night.

Option 2:
BYO linen and towels. Breakfast not provided but kitchen available for use.
$90 for King Size Bed room per night (2 rooms available).
$60 for Double Bed room per night (1room available).
N.B. Super King room not available with Option 2.

This workshop will comprise of:
Saturday: 12.30 to 5 pm
* Introduction and discussion. Smudging. Intentions. 45 mins
* Asanas with breath-work, pair for nude yoga with oil massage and body pressure to maximise tension release. 1 and a half hours
* kundalini breath work session leading into dance. 1 hour
* Chakra Meditation with chanting 1 hour
* Discussion.

Tantric yoga may bring up many things for the participants, including deep emotional release, epiphanies or even visions, spiritual states of expansion, trauma held in the body, unresolved memories or issues, which allows one to access withheld energy and vitality, to embrace it and circulate it in a rebirthing like experience. This yoga is truly about tapping into one’s sensitivity, vulnerability, and directing it towards expression through a clear and intelligent reforged state of consciousness and confidence. It will involve intense body work, deep meditative breathing as well as rapid breathing exercises.

Sunday: 12.30 – 6 pm
5 hours Tantric massage and Shaktipaat.
* Tantric massage swap 4 hours
* Shalktipaat 30 mins
* Sharing

The second day of the this workshop will comprise of Tantric massage and meditation to a Sanskrit invocation of Shakti which may induce Shaktipaat, a transference of spiritual energy which may induce a cathartic experiences in some people, and deep states of restful but energised awareness in others.
Tantric massage is a naked, full body contact massage. It is done on the floor with oils. One massages with hands, arms, elbows, chest, abdomen, thighs, feet….with their whole body in a sensual and graceful motion, to engage the energies of a body completely and circulate them harmoniously. During this process it is likely that one will become sexually aroused, and the participant will breathe through this, embracing it all, feeling natural.
It is important that participants of the workshop understand and adhere to the following conditions:
* It is required that the participant refrain from ejaculation and sexual activity for at least 3 days to a week before and after the workshop for full benefit. This is to access and preserve the energy for the healing process which Tantra enables.
* Even though we arouse sexual energy during the massage this will not lead to the act of sex. Tantra stimulates sexual energy to utilise it for the massage. It is the goal of the aspirant not to ejaculate, but to go deeper through the sensual/sexual experience into more subtle states of awareness. Much sensitivity and respect will be shown in this process.
* Each person will massage and be massaged for about two hours learning its delicate art. It does require much physical dexterity so be prepared for a workout.

Tantra is the mystical source and mother of yoga dating back over 4000 years. It utilises shakti – spiritual power for development and refinement of one’s state and expression of being on all levels; sensual, sexual, communicable, emotional, personal empowerment, one’s ability to love and to embrace bliss, transcendence into spiritual states of consciousness, and immanence – the ability to embody and act through these heightened states of awareness. Tantra is not about sexual enhancements! In fact sex is only the energetic fuel of the body that helps to elevate the soul, mind and spirit into deep states of refined awareness.

Tantra Yoga comprises of:
* body and breath work- Hatha,
* refined action – Karma,
* refined thought through philosophy – jnana,
* a loving connection to deity through a guru or teacher – bhakti
* meditation – raja

It may also be described as the Yoga of touch, teaching one to touch and be touched, inwardly and outwards, on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc It accesses latent energy from the base of the spine called Shakti – spiritual/sensual power, which is channelled up the spine in the kundalini experience. It rises through the crown, opening one to the infinite state of divinity. This divine presence may then descend into the body, adjusting it, releasing old tensions, in the experience of Shaktipaat; the transmittance of spiritual energy. This may or may not occur for the participant during this workshop. Every one experiences things differently and moves past their inner blocks at their own pace.

(Please let us know if you have any medical conditions we should know about, including physical injuries, breathing of heart conditions.)
(Please note: people will be interviewed to make sure that the participants of this workshop are coming from the right place in their head and heart, and will be respectful to all people present.)

About Gavin Shri Amneon –
Gavin has been a practising mystic for 28 years, immersed in the systems of Tantra and the Kabbalah, as well as having done work with Taoism and Amazonian Shamanism.
Gavin was originally kick started into Tantra at the Mevlana healing centre in Melbourne by Michael MacDonnell, an ex catholic monk who left the priesthood and travelled to India where he learnt Yoga and Tantra, merging the mysticism of east and west. Michael taught him the art of Tantric massage which he performed as a practitioner for many years.
Later Gavin was trained by Guru Vaagesh Shastriji of Vaag Yoga in Varanasi, being initiated into the core Sanskrit tradition of the oldest Tantric writings in existence, the ‘Bhairava Tantra;’ a discourse written as a song between Shiva and Shakti about the art of Tantric Yoga…
For over 20 years Gavin has taught Tantric workshops in London and Melbourne, and followed the Tantric lineage of Vaag Yoga as a Sanskrit scholar, and scholar of mysticism in general. He has written many books, produced many works of art and reanimates ancient Holy music with Omnisutra. (A group of singers and musicians who work with sutras in: Sanskrit, Hebrew, ancient Egyptian and Greek, Sumerian, Arabic, Japanese…)

In the Tantric tradition Gavin teaches; Yoga asanas, pranayama, kundalini, learning to read write and sing in Sanskrit, philosophy, meditation, self inquiry, working with chakras and naadis, the intimate art of Tantric massage, interpretation of the sutras, divination, and more…

More about Gavin and the Melbourne School of Global Mysticism at:


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